Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 24- Girls in Red

My brother Kevin came up with his girls to visit today. He knew my theme this week was red so all the girls were dressed in red!
Kayla and the twins, Kara and Leigha, love for me to take their picture. Kayla wants to see every time I take a picture and I think it is so cute. Kara has started saying "Ianna see" now too. They love to get right in the lens when I take their picture. Today Leigha reached right out and grabbed the lens. I thought this was a funny picture because she is just grinning while doing it.

You can see they are little hams. Every time Kara started doing something different she would "ugh" at me to take her picture. She would just smile and say "cheese". I love them dearly! Obviously I didn't post all the pictures I took. I just picked a few, which was hard.
I had my brother take a picture of me with all of them. This is as good as it gets when the picture isn't their idea. The little bits were squirming around trying to get down the whole time.

L to R: Leigha, Kara, and Kayla
I know taking pictures of people is something I need to work on. I'm using my speedlite and it seems to wash out their faces. I know I should back up but what do you do when you can't back up? I also had to use the portrait setting on my camera. I want to use manual but when you have 3 active children in front of you that isn't always possible.


  1. Great pictures, they are adorable!

  2. very cute girls! love the eyes.

  3. Cute, cute girlies! Try bouncing your speedlight instead of straight on and just keep practicing in manual -- you'll get it down.